The Dream

If you've overcome (or are ready to overcome) the fear of being perceived - you're in the right place.

To put it simply - we create mood-boosting, playful fashion accessories that will have people asking "who is she" as you roam your block. Here, neutrals take a back seat, because you deserve to express yourself without limits.

The Dreamer

Fueled by the love for my two cats, açai bowls, and the itch to reinvent myself every year, I couldn't help but notice how everything was getting way too... bland. Why does "sad beige" and "gentrification gray" have such chokehold on our society?

Honestly, I could have just made a TikTok about it...But I like to go big or go home. So, I officially kicked off DOREMII on 2/2/22 (where are my spiritual girlies at?) and embarked on a mission to bring back what fashion is trying to leave behind – individuality.

DOREMII is more than a label; its the beginning of a movement, an experience, and a constant reminder for you to rock who you are without holding back.

Our Impact and Materials

Could you imagine a world without passion, art, or creativity? Neither could we. It's why we support groups like Project Color Corps and Beyond Walls to keep the world around us inspiring.

Our main materials consist of authentic recycled leather and vegan leather that is Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified, meaning our materials are sourced responsibly and are processed in ways that have the least impact on the environment. Suppliers range from the U.S. to overseas and have been externally audited to make sure they meet socially responsible conditions. We want to make sure we're doing our part as best as we can.